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Monique Ohanessian

I do think that this movie, Lovers and Leavers, does represent the more typical Hollywood movie than The Man Without a Past. I feel this way mainly because it was not nearly as simply made. There were camera angles and cuts that kept the audience’s attention jumping. During conversations, the camera jumped around and took perspectives, like when Marko came to Iiris’ door after their break up, but the camera remained from his point of view before it was confirmed for the audience that it was in fact him. Also, there were dream sequences and recollections that were not seen in the Kaurismaki’s plainly filmed movie. The framing of the camera was also used to affect the audience, as we saw Iiris exiled to Laura’s guest room she was framed in darkness by two door frames, making her seem very alone and distant.

The characters in Lovers and Leavers are also much more reminiscent of the big budget films that we are more accustomed to seeing. The characters are emotionally driven and acted out with enthusiasm, sometimes too much. The story involves typical romantic comedy characters, such as the over-sexed friend and the seemingly conservative girlfriend with the hidden side. Unlike Kaurismaki’s film, this movie used costumes, such as Anna’s constant red wardrobe and Iiris’ bland sweaters, to illustrate emotions.

There were similarities between Kaurismaki’s film and this film in that both had the tendency to show their stars in their most unglamorous form. In this film, it may have been more of a tactic in order to show Iiris’ development and contrast from Marko’s other flings. But even in typical Hollywood films, the unglamorous heroin is usually only unglamorous for a very small portion of the film, if she can be characterized as plain at all. It is hard to make most of today’s American stars convincingly pitiful.

Laura Patterson

This movie was much more mainstream Hollywood than "Man Without a Past." It's emotion, movement, and music were typical of any American film you might see. In stead of showing no emotion as in MWP it showed every emotion, anger, fear, happieness, and sadness. It also used the music to show waht was going to happen and to help affect emotions.
I thought this movie was similar to "Closer." It had a similar story line and brought out similar emotions.
The films characters were all very expressive and captured the reader's attention. I think anyone could relate in some way to one of the characters or the way they were feeling.

Alison Bailey

I agree with Monique and Laura that the camera angles and often quick cuts gave the movie more of a Hollywood feel. It kept the pace moving quickly and would keep people more easily entertained whereas the slower pace and simplistic style of Man Without a Past may alienate viewers more used to typical Hollywood productions. While the characters in Kuutamolla were definitely stereotypical characters of a sort, I felt the plot also contributed to this choice. Whereas Man Without a Past contained a quirky plot with interesting characters, Kuutamolla due to the nature of the plot was in some ways a foregone conclusion early on. It was not hard to predict Iiris would find romance, then suffer some humiliating situations and other complicated situations, before finally finding the person who was right for her. Kuutamolla actually reminded me of Bridget Jones' Diary in several ways. Iiris and Bridget both suffer from embarassing situations, eccentric mothers, meddlesome friends, and an overall lack in self confidence and acceptance which is remedied through various situations in the film leading to a better relationship with a different person at the end of the film.

Jim Lee

I agree this movie was more of a Hollywood movie than "The man without a past." It gave a totally different feel than MWP because it showed every emotion. As a side note I personally would have gone to Hollywood. She should have at least tried to make it work again with Marko. That’s got to be better than having a relationship with the tattoo artist that has two kids.

Deven Rice

This movie without a doubt is more Hollywood than MWP. There are numorous reasons why, like the ones mentioned above about music and camera angles. But, other than those, I feel the plot and actors are more hollywood-like than the ones in MWP. Hollywood tends to star good looking people, this movie did just that. Also we all know that sex sells and Hollywood often incorpates sex in their films. Lovers and Leavers had sex and nudity throughout the whole movie even in times when it seemed not necessary, like the bathroom sceens. I'm not going to lie, it did make the movie more entertaining. The last thing I noticed that gave Lovers and Leavers a more Hollywood feel is the little bits of humor added in it. Almost every Hollywood movie has a least some humor in it even if its not a comedy. This one did as well, for example, all the little movie quotes and her mothers way of life gave a little comic relief every once in a while. MWP didn't have humor in it which lead to its plain-ness. I agree with Jim, I also think she should have left with Marcus, at least to check out America, that choice didn't seem to realistic to me.

Travis Calhoun

In the Lovers and Leavers film, the dialect between the characters seemed far more realistic and even modern. This resembled the current films of Hollywood more than The Man Without a Past. The choice of words within conversations showed emotion and made for a more believable context. Dialogue is an important aspect in today's Hollywood because, when characters speak more like those that are watching the film, it allows for the viewer to relate.

Kyle Wilson

I agree with the previous posts made on the course blog that the film Lovers and Leavers resembles more of a modern Hollywood film than Man Without a Past. As discussed in previous posts the cinematography and how the camera angles and cuts resemble that of a modern Hollywood. An example of this is examplified in the beginning of the film when the camera angle is underwater and shows one of the characters in the movie diving into the water. In addition I agree with the previous posts which discuss the use of emotions by the characters in the film. I would also like to point out the use of music throughout the movie. Music is used to accentuate the emotion the characters are feeling the film. For instance, slower music is used when describing Iiris and her feelings of depression. In contrast, when Iiris is on a blind date the music increases it tempo to give a feeling of excitement.

In addition, another aspect of modern Hollywood films which is noteable in Lovers and Leavers is the modern topics discussed in the film. Topics such as love and sex are common topics in modern Hollywood films and are at the focal point of the film. Due to the examples discussed in previous posts as well as use of music and modern day movie topics, I believe Lovers and Leavers resembles more of a modern Hollywood film than The Man Without a Past.

Travis Calhoun

I agree with Kyle's point about the music. Today's Hollywood films and even popular television shows spend quite a bit of time and money determining the proper soundtrack. I think it is really amazing how much music can create emotion. Music can allow the viewer to get a real 'feel' for the scene.

For example, if one is watching a war film, the music can set the tone the director is trying to convey. If the music is upbeat and faster, it is almost glorifying the act. Whereas when the same scene that is shown with a slower, more mellow song, it can be viewed as sad and disappointing.

This movie was no exception. I think that the last movie we watched didn't use music with this same intent.

Kirk Heinrich

It has been established that Lovers and Leavers is more of a Hollywood production than Man without a Past. However, I felt that both productions had the feeling of an independent film. I understand that the Finnish film industry will not have the financial resources to produce a film on par with our current Hollywood films, they both still felt rough and unfinished. These characteristics are often ones that I connect with “indy” films. Lovers and Leavers was more of a big budget production, but we can see that the subject matter and settings are not that much more extravagant than MWP. With the stories focusing on personal relationships in current settings expenses can be kept low, whereas special effects and action sequences would add to the costs. One technique that was utilized in L&L, was a jump cut, where the editor cuts a camera shot to the same shot but later in time. Jump cuts were usually used when Iiris was upset, for example she would be sitting down with a cup of coffee, and then the camera would cut to the same shot but now she would be mid-drink. In my experience I usually see this done in independent films or Hollywood films with fairly small budgets, because it adds to the feeling of not being in control while not adding to production costs. While L&L was more mainstream, techniques like jump-cuts, focus on personal relationships, modern setting, and the absence of a need for elaborate costumes kept the production costs low on both films, reminding me of Independent films in America.

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