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Kyle Wilson

In both poems, nature seems to be the cause and creator of problems. For example, in the "Paavo of Saarijarvi" poem, nature is one of the major reasons why his crop is unable to grow and flurish. Due to the harsh weather and poor agricultural land, Paavo has a very difficult time being able to grow a successful crop. A device Runeberg used to emphasize nature was repetition in describing the poor weather encountered by the Finnish people. I beleive nature was used in much of Finnish literature because it enabled authors to showcase a determination and work ethic unique to the Finnish people. Even though the elements are against the Finns, they are still able persevere through their determination and hard work ethic to overcome the elements of nature. In both poems, I believe nature is both the the land and the elements (weather). Even though the land and the elements may not seem desirable to some, the Finns charish the land the weather their country provides and work to the best of their ability with what is provided for them. I believe this was done to establish an identity not only through Finnish literature but culture as well.

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